We welcome contributions to Wingspan that serve the main priority of the journal, which is to stimulate knowledge development and dialogue about leadership, learning and school development in a global society. A variety of publication types are accepted, including scholarly articles, annotated bibliographies, reports and stories about activities and events that relate to schooling in a global age, and pieces that contribute to the dialogue.

Wingspan is published one time per year in the spring. Articles should be submitted for review no later than November 1 to be processed for publication the following spring.

Article submission date: November 1
Publication date: June

Submitting a Contribution

All submissions should be sent electronically to Kristen Snyder at Documents should be written in word (.doc) or saved as an .rtf file, times roman 12 pt, double spaced. Any figures, graphs and tables should be sent in a separate document. References should follow the APA format and be included at the end of the article. No abstract is necessary. Each submission should include a brief paragraph about the author (s), with name, position, organization, email (optional). All correspondence, including the editting processes will take place electronically.

Scholarly Publications

Traditional research articles are accepted that address the following thematic areas: (LIST ALL). The focus of the article needs to relate to leadership, learning and school development in a global age. That is to say, we are interested in research that explores the inter-related nature of leadership, learning and school development. We do not publish articles, for example, that talk about how to teach music, but rather that discuss the importance of music for the development of knowledge or leadership in youth. Articles are accepted that reflect both quantitative and quantitative paradigms, as well as those that push the boundaries of research methods to explore the living nature of schooling in today’s society. All scholarly submissions will go through a peer-review process and separate editorial process. Length 15-25 pages.

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies reflect a detailed review of a book, journal article, research report, working paper, or other educational publication that contributes to the betterment of leadership, learning and school development in a global age. Length 2-3 pages.

Stories and Reports

It is our hope that Wingpsan will also serve as a meeting place to share information and perspectives about education from around the world. We encourage the submission of educational stories that reflect events and lived experiences that highlight issues within leadership, learning and school development today. Stories can range from school visits and the learnings from the exchange, to the development of new groups in your community which are addressing important issues related to schooling today. The stories should highlight the issues and challanges addressed, as well as the importance of the experience for leadership, learning and school development. It is intended that such contributions will raise awareness about the similarities and differences of education around the world from a personal and practical level, rather than a research base. Length 5-8 pages.

Dialogue Contributions

As Wingspan develops we will have a series of oungoing dialogues related to leadership, learning and school development. Two such themes that we begin with are: teacher leadership and measuring quality in schools. Such contributions are intended to stimulate an ongoing exploration of a topics, highlighting differences and similarities of opinion as well as raising awareness of different actitivies around the globe that address the topic at hand. Contributions should address the topics in focus. Length 3-5 pages.