History and Future Directions

For 25 years, Wingspan has been published by Pedamorphosis, Inc., under the editorial direction of Robert H. Anderson, and given free of charge to educators around the world through an endowment by Helen Dewitt Jones. In January 2004 Pedamorphosis, Inc. donated the editorial responsibility of Wingspan to Kristen Snyder, Ph.D. at the Department of Education Science at Mid Sweden University. The gift was given under a partnership agreement with the International School Connection, Inc, in the spirit of partnerships and networks for developing schools as global learning centers in the 21st century.

The transfer process from Pedamorphosis, Inc. to Mid Sweden and the ISC, Inc. involves a number of dimensions including technical development of an electronic model and platform for the new publication, as well as expanding the editorial and advisory board to reflect a global perspective. Through these processes we anticipate that Wingspan will emerge in ways that are unimagined at the present time as more people and perspectives begin to influence the content and function of the journal. Upon transferring the journal, Bob has shared some of his personal reflections and hopes for the journals future, as well as excitement for the new possibilities: We leave you with his words:

WINGSPAN is now well into its third decade of publication, and I hope that readers will share with me a sense of progress and excitement as the format takes new shape and it moves its headquarters to a new location at MidSweden University. I predict that many of the features to which readers became (loyally!) accustomed over the years will continue to be offered, especially the helpful descriptions of newly-published materials that seem to have special value for leadership people. Now, it seems very likely that the materials will come from many worldwide publications. It also seems likely that a fairly large cadre of “searchers” and reviewers will join in the enterprise, so that the scope of references, and indeed viewpoints, will expand in ways that educational leadership worldwide is maturing and expanding, and a journal that seeks to provide not only information but guidance along the way could well become critically-necessary reading for the emerging generation of influential pacesetters. What a wonderful time it is for us to be closely involved in such roles!

One hope is that there will be an increase in dialogue and discussion, with WINGSPAN in a provocative posture. It could well be that a way can be found for expanding its function as an “active library.” Not only printed materials, but various other stimulating resources can be developed and circulated. It even seems possible that the journal (in whatever formats emerge) can become an important, and perhaps even the central, mechanism for focusing upon the necessary and the possible. It seems almost magical that the name WINGSPAN encourages us to venture into different, and hopefully more exciting territories using our own intellectual and emotional engines. All aboard?